About the merger

Solve and TAD are merging on 30 June 2021 to support more people with disability in the national market created by the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The merger will improve outcomes for current clients and create the ability for us to help more people. It will benefit in the following ways:

Visibility and Customer Reach

To thrive in a national sector, we need to have greater visibility and customer reach. This will be achieved by developing a single and effective customer journey using the combined marketing capability of both organisations.


By sharing knowledge and expertise across our Victorian and NSW offices, we will achieve the ‘best of both’ in the merged organisation, increasing the quality and variety of services we provide and the number of people we serve.


Being part of one of Australia’s largest custom assistive technology providers opens up opportunities to collaborate and learn from like-minded people.

The merged organisation will have the same core values and continue to follow the successful service model developed over 45 years that relies on technically skilled volunteers to solve technology and equipment problems for people with disabilities. Volunteering will not change, but greater visibility and customer reach will increase the number and variety of projects, and the impact individuals have as volunteers.

Stronger Together

Solve and TAD bring different strengths to the merged organisation. While Solve has developed funding streams through its therapy services and business development initiatives, TAD brings huge growth in Freedom Wheels and expertise in fundraising.

Efficiency and Capacity

The aim of the merger is to do more for our clients and volunteers with the same team. As a merged organisation we will take advantage of shared systems, licenses, assets, software, and suppliers. By combining all areas of the business, our collective teams will have more time to have greater impact for our clients.

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