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Second Car Transfer Simulator Delivered!

Another wonderful project was delivered this week to the Royal Talbot Hospital in Kew, Melbourne.

Solve-TAD Volunteers Paul, Don and Peter dedicated more than 200 hours to build a brand new Car Transfer Simulator.

This half car, made for patients at the Royal Talbot, is to help patients after surgery practice transferring to and from a car before they go home.

The main highlight of this simulator is that the whole car can be raised and lowered. This is so that patients can practice getting into different sized cars.

“The biggest challenge for our patients is practicing getting into the car that they’re going to go home with. And everyone has a different sized car! Many patients go home in their family car, which usually ends up being an SUV or a bigger car. By having the ability to adjust the height of the simulator, our patients are now able to practice getting into and out of their car in a safe environment right here at the hospital” – Mark, Royal Talbot Team

By practicing on this simulator, patients will be much safer when discharging from hospital and returning home.


Solve-TAD Volunteer Peter also installed an electrical system underneath the seats (pictured above).
The four buttons can be easily pressed, and moves the car seat forwards, backwards, and tilts the seat forwards or backwards. What an incredible result from our volunteer team! A project that involved multiple disciplines, and lasted over 200hrs across four months. Volunteers made this simulator by buying a car from a wreckers, cutting it in 1/2 and then working on the interior design.
The final design operates the same way that a hospital bed does – using a hand-held remote to either lift or drop the height of the car.


Solve-TAD Engineer Hassan helped as a project manager for the project, and was over the moon with the results!
He conducted multiple safety checks throughout the process, and helped the volunteer team wherever needed:
“It’s a very complex project! You have to carefully remove all the internal and engine-related components of the car first. And then to even just saw the car in half is a major achievement!” – Hassan, Solve-TAD Lead Engineer
“This is more than what we could have asked for. We’re now going to be able to help so many of our patients to get home safe after leaving here” – Mark, Royal Talbot Team


Pictured above: The front of the car, with an indicator that shows you what type of car requires which height level. And a Freedom number plate to go with it! 


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